About MyBlogBand.com

Myblogband.com: a virtual jam room for musicians across the globe. Jonathan plays a mean guitar, but he lives in the depths of Alaska where his closest neighbor is five miles away. Now, with blogband, Jonathan can connect with other musicians, play and publish his recordings for free. Blogband allows users to post their creations on the web, and it provides a forum where these songs can have other instruments added to them by other users. Musicians can comment and make suggestions about what they hear, and can put their own spin on the piece. If the creator of the original track likes the addition, he can then post the revised collaboration.

Once a musician posts a song in work mode, any other musician can add a track to that song. If the musician who created that song approves of the added track, he can upload the new collaboration for more additions. When an artist adds something new, a "new addition" notification will appear on the user profile.

A musician can choose to work alone, openly, or within a specific group. In the internet age, bands with members who must move from their home town can continue making great music. Musicians on blogband can join groups called "cyber bands." If you're in a band, you can post a track so that only the rest of your group can access it until you "publish" the completed song for the rest of the network to hear.

All members of the band can access the cyberband profile. This is the private work space for the band, and members can post idea fragments, complete songs, or lyrics for the rest of the band to edit, revise, copy, and complete. There is also space for band members to place general comments and questions. This work space exists behind a band fa├žade for the rest of the network to view. Finished songs are published to the entire site. Comments can also be made visible or invisible.

Blogband is not just a site for instrumental musicians. Sound engineers, composers, and lyricists can also participate in bands. Anyone with an account can offer constructive criticism. Anyone who contributes a track to a song is credited by their instrument or craft.

We anticipate that musicians will do their individual recordings with Garageband or a similar program with microphones and direct-in connections. Tracks are posted in mP3 format. Blogband contains a complex search engine. The user may search the web by searching musician interest, location, genre, instrumentation, expertise, so that musicians can find each other based on their individual interests, and needs.

Myblogband.com could become a vehicle for legally establishing intellectual property rights. The original author, contributing musicians and posting dates are tracked by the site so as to provide security for the creators, similar to a copyright. If authorship were ever in dispute, site records could be used as evidence.

In a greater sense, Myblogband.com is also a great way for humanity to understand, share and record the creative process. Also, Blogband will lead to the development of musical groups that take inspiration from many different musicians with different influences, creating new, unique sounds.