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Impressionist, Contemporary African music, Experimental

Swampthing07/22/08 tracksplays: 8
Trainwreck07/13/08 tracksplays: 13
Clark's Song07/22/08 tracksplays: 11
Some Chill Shit07/13/08 tracksplays: 11
featuring the one and only Daron Whitmore
Monsoon Music07/13/08 tracksplays: 33


Bryan Smith - Acoustic Guitar


Hey, I love the sound, but hopin you'll get someone to join the band so I can keep you featured. Thanks,


Posted Sun Sep 21, 2008 2:49am by powerinthelines

listen with some big bass ya biatches

Posted Tue Jul 22, 2008 9:44am by Sloan Smith

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On a cold and dreary December night, the world was suddenly attacked by magnetic mind reading roaches and acid spitting cave crickets. Every military attempt to relieve the attacks was thwarted. Rockets barley penetrated the roach’s armor, grenades only scattered the bugs and bombs caused too much devastation on the land. The world was in a state of chaos. Riots broke out in cities around the world. After millions of horrific deaths, the military decided to spend all their money on creating a super being to fight the insects. Bullfrog Boy, made of 100 pounds of unbreakable steel, the soul of a bayou born bluesman and the miraculous attributes of a North American Bullfrog, was sent to the heart of the infestation site. The only footage taken was before his entry into the insect’s mother cave. In the short 10 second clip Bullfrog gestures farewell to the cruel world with an Emmy award winning smile. He entered the cave a boy, but emerged a hero.......... here are a few rough demos