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Silvanus Slaughter's Constellations

Pop, Jazz, Film Score

A Less Lethal Way to Heaven (Live)08/09/08 tracksplays: 408
Track 5 from a volume entitled "Aftermath" documenting the fading of a special relationship.
Milanese Nocturne (Girl on a Train) (Demo)08/06/08 tracksplays: 20
From Constellations Compromised, Volume 2, a blues-rocker set in the mind - the 'lonesome train' - of yours truly en route to Milan from Venice, pondering impermanence... and lust.
Hey, Chapel Hill! (Demo)08/06/08 tracksplays: 1234
I was moved to write this tribute to a town threatened by insincerity, materialism, ego, and an influx of "brokers and boys all pledged to Abercrombie." Nah, I ain't bitter, but wasting your time on bullshit blows. From the volume, "Aftermath".
Piano, Piano (Instrumental)08/06/08 tracksplays: 17
Taken from my 13 track piano suite, "Little Dream", as featured in the YouTube video of the same title, "Piano, Piano".
The Empty Prey on the Full08/06/08 tracksplays: 13
From the YouTube video edit of the same title (check it out), a dark, serpentine admonition to the uninitiated about the dangers of attraction and projection.
Erotomania (Demo)08/06/08 tracksplays: 25
From the finally(!) soon-to-be released, "Constellations Compromised, Volume 2: The World, The Flesh and the Piercing of the Heart", 20 musically related tracks reflecting on L.A. characters, Chapel Hill lovers, and love's occasional pathologies. Decidedly more jazz/r&b than Constellations Compromised: Volume 1's pop-rock-folk smörgåsbord (which is available on CD Baby, and acclaimed "a work of genius" by The News and Observer when it debuted several years ago).


Silvanus Slaughter - Piano


You can hear "Twilight Song" and "Kimono Eyes" on my Musician's Page.

Posted Wed Aug 6, 2008 3:04am by Silvanus Slaughter


P.S. People tell me my videos are unusual and provocative. Type my name into You Tube; you'll get over 20 in several genres. I also script, edit and direct for other musicians to fit your budget; I worked in the L.A. film biz over a decade. I'd recommend "Cowboys and Angels at Caffe Driade," or "Empty Prey on the Full." Peace.

Posted Wed Aug 6, 2008 1:54am by Silvanus Slaughter

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An evolving, always shifting, unit fronted by pianist/vocalist/composer/singer Silvanus Slaughter. Trans-genre with an accent on poetic lyrics, jazz, r&b and dance grooves accented by cinematic sounds and styles adapted from the film scoring techniques of fifties, sixties and seventies, especially those originating in Europe by Nino Rota, Giovanni Fusco and Pino Donaggio. Yes, it's my real name.


Bernard Herrmann, Sibelius, Joni Mitchell, Piero Piccioni, David Bowie, Eberhard Weber, Pat Metheny, Terje Rypdal, Roxy Music, Zeppelin, Antonio Carlos Jobim, Miles Davis, Herbie Hancock, Kraftwerk, Luiz Bonfa, Keith Jarrett, The Staple Singers, Cerrone, James Brown, Claudio Baglioni, Claude Debussy, Hank Williams, Marvin Gaye, Ennio Morricone, and on and on

Memorable Shows

Recurring gig at the Weathervane; startled some eyebrows that happened to listen to my lyrics while they were toe-tapping, but they wouldn't pay ASCAP fees anymore, so that ended. Nice sold out show at Ringside when I premiered Volume One of 'Constellations Compromised'. My favorite, really, was a piano concert in Richmond of my suite, "Little Dream". I've got to play more; I've just been writing like a fiend for 3 years (400 songs), now, more work. Always more work.