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Musical Panopticon

Pop, Rock, Electronica

Rock Tick Tock11/22/10 tracksplays: 2
The Cone Clock.
Allusory Contour11/22/10 tracksplays: 6
Nothing Looks Like Some to Me11/22/10 tracksplays: 9
Fir Ellipse tracksplays: 8


Parker Emmerson - Piano

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The system of a circle transforming into a cone eventually shows us that the 11th dimension is present within the radius squared divided by time. The 11th dimension symbolizes the 11 half steps within an octave. Music is thus related to geometry dimensionally as well as 30-60-90 wise.


The cone, geometry, physics, space-time, difference. © Nov. 22, Parker Emmerson 2010.