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Hip Hop, Rap, R&B


willie davis - Lyricist


NXICON! NXICON (No eXcuses I Can Overcome Negativity), the name speaks and defines itself as does the man behind the name. His story's already been told, so we won't retell what's already been ewxtended to you. What I will tell you is that the collection of material that NXICON will be releasing will be classic in its own merit and right. I still reiterate as before and understand this, that this is not a comeback because in reality, NXICON never left. He embodies that will and desire that exists in all of us andthat many have forgotten. That devil-may-care persona per se. The set of material soon to be released entitled DOD II:REQUIEM is set to re-awaken that spirit in us that has lain dormant for so long. That spirit that refuses to accept and to settle for less because we are better than that. NXICON represents each of us in one innate way or another because at one time or another we have all said No eXcuses I Can Overcome Negativity. We are NXICON and NXICON is us. So ladies and gentlemen without further adieu, i re-introduce and present to you: NXICON and the singles release of "THROW'EM UP", "HOW I RIDE" and "AIN'T GOTTA TAKE IT". Enjoy.... DEVANTE KNIGHT KUUNTAAR MUSIC MEDIA N X I C O N Prepare For The Return! Stand UP! Stand DOWN! or Stand ASIDE Member Since: November 07, 2006 Influences:



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Performing at the Red Light Cafe in Atlanta