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Extraterrestreal and Dr. Equation

Hip Hop, Melodic, Pop

Sick Beat10/23/11 tracksplays: 7
Rock Tick Tock the Cone Clock10/23/11 tracksplays: 15
Rock tick tock the cone clock
Hook 2.110/23/11 tracksplays: 10
Doont10/23/11 tracksplays: 15
Prepare for Uplift10/23/11 tracksplays: 8
Complex Computation10/23/11 tracksplays: 5
Phone Head 508/07/11 tracksplays: 24
Top of the Beat07/07/11 tracksplays: 49
Somber Day09/10/11 tracksplays: 20
Black Zodiac Rap10/23/11 tracksplays: 22
Alchemical Kindgom01/01/17 tracksplays:
What You Gunna Do?10/23/11 tracksplays: 22
Pay With Bitcoin This one needs nice speakers - the laptop ones won't pump da bass!
I Wanna08/07/11 tracksplays: 29


Miguel Settles - Lyricist

Parker Emmerson - Piano


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Extra - T, did you get this comment?

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© Parker Emmerson and Miguel Settles respectively July 7,2011.

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Collaboration between E.T. and Parker Emmerson (Stage Name: Dr. Equation © Parker Emmerson and The Extraterrestreal 2011).


Memorable Shows

The Berkeley Cafe