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Ape Foot Groove

Funk, Rock, Experimental

I Know Karate07/02/07 tracksplays: 26
It actually has nothing to do with Karate.
Keep on Workin'07/02/07 tracksplays: 24
Starts Funky, gets Jammy.


Carl Wetter - Sound Engineer


hey man, just thought I'd tell you, your file has got to be mp3 in order to play in the player. It won't play .aiff.

Posted Mon Jul 2, 2007 9:23pm by powerinthelines


My long running wanna be Meters/ZZ Top/MMW band. We improv a lot.


See above

Memorable Shows

There was the one up in NY at Manley Field House in front of about 3000 people, and there was our first show at the Cave in Chapel Hill, for the bartender.