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Melodic, Terror, Metal

Metal 1908/05/07 tracksplays: 208
Some chords and open string tapping for a change.
O is for Oriface09/24/07 tracksplays: 87
Dark Insanity Cover09/25/07 tracksplays: 122
Testing my new shit.
Transmigration Macabre Cover.12/29/07 tracksplays: 90
Spawn08/12/07 tracksplays: 71
The middle of this song was removed.
PREGOCIDAL11/22/07 tracksplays: 107
Metal 1808/05/07 tracksplays: 131
This song like, isn't good. Sounded better in my head, and yes i wrote the whole song just for the sweeps at the end.
K/S06/14/08 tracksplays: 85
For some reason chords sound sketchy as hell.
Anal Amygdala08/05/07 tracksplays: 165
Uh some technical shit
Metal 2108/05/07 tracksplays: 131
Some blast beats. Actually the first blast beats are fucked up but its fine after that.
Stolen Fortress?08/05/07 tracksplays: 97
Alot of riffs.
Dragon Mistress09/24/07 tracksplays: 86
Marty Friedman Cover.
IB09/24/08 tracksplays: 16
IB except i didn't record the bass.
Duel of the Fates09/24/07 tracksplays: 155
Star Wars imo.


Chris Wallz-is-pro - Electric Guitar


SICK !!!!

Posted Sun Feb 17, 2008 5:47pm by crimsonglider

May I sample?

i love the Duel of Fates Rock version

and i'm a mad nerd

Posted Sat Nov 24, 2007 8:20pm by Robots Are The Future


Posted Mon Sep 10, 2007 3:11am by Sacek

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The metal songs have shitty quality because i was lazy and didn't feel like hooking up all the extra crap.


pic shit Chances are you aren't that interested, but if you are