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Zachary Davidson

Impressionist, Ambient, Melodic

Omno Bequi08/14/07 tracksplays: 79
Listen to the leaves soak up the sun.
Ilocy08/13/07 tracksplays: 48
sometimes critters like to go on adventures
Empaxos08/14/07 tracksplays: 52
I personally like the feeling of cool river washing over my body in the summertime.


Zach Davidson - Piano


Jill, I don't know how to contact you on this site or anywhere else...but those chords were fmin7/gmin7/AflatMaj9add6/bflatmin11/
EflatMaj9add6/fmin11,fmin9flat7/cmin9 voicing is the trick with these chords. and
every good magician/musician has a full sleeve.

Posted Fri Jan 2, 2009 8:09pm by keyofz

Hey! This is Jill baldwin. I was wondering if you could send me what those chords you were playing were. I think they started with Fm7 etc. was beautiful to hear you play, man. You're outa sight!

Posted Fri Jan 2, 2009 5:39pm by ElainielBaldwin

Hey man, how's it going at wilson?

Posted Thu Feb 14, 2008 6:33pm by powerinthelines

yo buddy. its sounding good. about your comments, unfortunately the arpeggios on images are computer :( and as for the fugue, my plan rly is to at some point finish recording the whole thing. it will take some time to learn though. it has 3-4 voices so its kinda tough to remember it all.

Posted Thu Aug 16, 2007 6:48pm by Sacek

Well, these are only excerpts. If anyone would like hear the CD in its entirety and would also like to donate to a charitable cause then they can. The songs that are downloadable here are only some, and I am willing for anyone to keep them, but if they would like to hear more and help support local artistry,etc., they can.

Posted Tue Aug 14, 2007 2:16pm by keyofz

So, wait, if you are trying to sell them over the internet, you could make them not downloadable, but you don't have to. It's just that people can download them right now, without having to pay you.

Posted Tue Aug 14, 2007 1:20pm by powerinthelines

Ok, the tracks are finally up and working... they weren't before. Thanks for listening!

Posted Tue Aug 14, 2007 12:52pm by keyofz

They are $10 with a suggested donation of $5 to the Gann and Dale Herman's Ugandan mission with the Mennonite Central Committee.

Posted Sun Aug 12, 2007 11:31pm by keyofz

If anyone is interested in the CD, Portrait Renaissance, from which the above songs are excerpted, I will certainly arrange an opportunity for you to obtain one.

Posted Sun Aug 12, 2007 11:10pm by keyofz

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Lo-Fi Classical Ambience


John Cage, Olivier Messiaen, Erik Satie, Phillip Glass, Arnold Schoenburg, Alexander Scriabin, various classical artists from all periods, Moby, Keith Jarrett, Bill Evans, Miles Davis, Herbie Hancock. As well as my eternally soaring spirit and ever-immersive soul.

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Last Night at Carnegie Hall..Maybe soon.