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Justin Marcus

Jazz, Blues, Vocal

If I were a bell09/05/07 tracksplays: 113
Arianne09/05/07 tracksplays: 45
Let's get away from it all09/05/07 tracksplays: 1053


Justin Marcus - Singer


I really like your body of work, I'm just hoping you might be able to get some other people to join your band so that we can keep you featured.



Posted Sun Sep 21, 2008 2:51am by powerinthelines

Besides a little brass in his line up, there is no southern infusion in this sound. All I hear is a good ol norther carpetbagger.

Posted Mon Sep 24, 2007 11:05pm by paul

Very cool sound! I'll be looking for you on the marquee.

Posted Wed Sep 12, 2007 12:55pm by newshaker

Justin Marcus will not be the next Michael Bublé and that is a damn good thing. Marcus is a refreshingly non-vocalist vocalist. His voice is no Sinatra knock-off, nor does it fall into the Tony DeSare-Peter Cincotti mold, though with these and Harry Connick, Marcus shares movie-star looks. Marcus has a singularly masculine voice with just enough wild in it to make it interesting.
On first listen, I would have placed Marcus’ birth place below the cotton curtain by his relaxed yet assertive phrasing (think Harry Connick on steroids without the New Orleans brogue) had his almost accent-less diction not thrown me off, as he is a New York City native. As it is I was not too far from the truth as Marcus attended college in New Orleans and certainly was exposed to that fertile music scene.

Marcus’ first recording, a self-produced effort titled from a line in Frank Loesser’s neglected “If I Were a Bell,” is a mixture of the old and new as the singer/pianist deftly mixes into solutions songs as different as Louis Jordan’s “Is You Is or Is You Ain’t My Baby” and Bruce Springsteen’s “Meeting Across the River.” His nod to Sinatra (in name only) with “Lady is a Tramp” and “Embraceable You” shows how intentionally Marcus sets himself apart from the current population of male jazz vocalists. Marcus is backed by a competent band that never gets in his way. Marcus is an excellent pianist, completely capable of accompanying himself as he proves on Paul Simon’s “America.”

Justin Marcus is the most interesting vocalist to emerge into jazz in recent memory. He is a New York City product infused with the South like bourbon with mint in a julep. His introductory repertoire is carefully and thoughtfully chosen and superbly performed.--- All about Jazz

Posted Wed Sep 5, 2007 11:26am by justinmarcus

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Introducing the full length CD entitled Ask Me How Do I Feel . . . performed by Justin Marcus. Since his first release entitled Come Round to Me, Justin has repositioned his distinctive manner and phrasing. He has crossed over to a stylized American Songbook featuring some of the classics such as, Let’s Get Away From It All, If I Were A Bell, Embraceable You . . . to this generation’s classics -- like, Bruce Springsteen’s Meeting Across the River and Paul Simon’s America . . .. and others. The material on Ask Me How Do I Feel . . . has been well tested and is extensively proven time and time again. Justin’s technique and novel delivery add a fresh dimension to the legendary tunes on the CD. For this reason, Justin has been able to pull together an all-star band who have recorded and/or performed with the likes Wynton Marsalis, David Bowie, Paul Simon, Cassandra Wilson; Bruce Springsteen; the Rolling Stones; Bob Dylan; and U2; to name a few. To quote Michael Lydon, the well known musicologist, one of the original founders of Rolling Stone Magazine and author of the book Ray Charles: Man And Music: “. . . What you’ve got in your hands is good music: a dozen witty, soulful songs chosen with care from the American songbook, well arranged, well played, and superbly sung by Justin Marcus, a warm baritone who digs down through retro gloss to timeless modernity.” Audiences all over the country are requesting Justin Marcus’s renditions of the tunes on the CD Ask Me How Do I feel . . . the infectious tunes will “play in your head” all day long. For Information, contact: Redwood Entertainment, Inc. at (212) 543-9998 or


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