Musician Profile

Adam McDevitt

username: Adam McDevitt
age: 28
AOL screen name:
Chalfont, PA

Primary Instrument

Acoustic Guitar for 7 years

Secondary Instrument

Electric Guitar for 8 years

Additional Instrument

Piano for 8 years


Experimental , Rock , Ska, Reggae, Dub

My Bands


I've always listened to a lot of music, and then one day just started playing it. The rest is history. It ended up pretty nicely.


Everything I can see, smell, touch, taste, or hear...


1960 Vintage Rickenbacker model 4001/ Carlo Robelli Acoustic/Electric W4124CET/ Carlo Robelli 12-string W410212B/ B.C. Rich NT Warlock/ Yamaha SO8/ Fender Squire Miniature/ Hohner HotMetal in C/ Bach Trumpet in B flat/ Crate 120W Half Stack/ 16 Channel Yamaha Mixing Board with PA system