Musician Profile

joshua wade

username: lespaul98
age: 40
AOL screen name: lesspaul98
kill devil hills, NC

Primary Instrument

Electric Guitar for 15 years

Secondary Instrument

Electric Bass for 2 years


Rock , Blues , Metal

My Bands


Where is Kill devil Hills?
and are you interested in starting an Alterntive Rock Band?

Posted Sat Feb 9, 2008 9:16pm by TravisG

Hey man, thanks for joining

Posted Fri Jan 4, 2008 8:47pm by powerinthelines


ive done some jaming with several bands in va been in two bands since ive been in nc


stevie ray,jimi,clapton,john lee hooker, little bit of lots of diffrent music everything from bach to zztop


well i have a les paul heritage cherry sunburst standard. i also have a faded v custom with half moon inlays and a lbanez gsr 200 for amps ive got a rouge 2x12 100 watt combo now i know what your thinking rouge give me a break but this thing sounds good i also have a hartke half stack and for the bass amp ive got a gk half stack for effects ive got a digitech gnx3 digital workstation