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willie davis

username: NXICON
age: 43
atlanta, GA

Primary Instrument

Lyricist for 10 years


Hip Hop , Rap , R&B

How I Ride03/18/10 2:03 am
Somebody03/18/10 2:03 am
Have U Ever03/18/10 2:03 am
THROW'EM UP02/15/08 7:02 pm
Love 4 Da Game01/11/12 11:01 pm

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Consider it done...

Posted Wed Nov 10, 2010 11:52pm by NXICON

Hey, this stuff is great. If you make a band and recreate your profile page on the band page, I'll also feature your band.

Posted Wed Nov 10, 2010 9:08pm by powerinthelines

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N X I C O N (formerly TMF CLOAK) Although the name has changed, the face and the game is still the same. Allow us to re-introduce to you the rapper, N X I C O N. Standing out as one of the elite of the rap genre, N X I C O N, once upon known as TMF CLOAK or even CLOAK-DK is back to change the game and still push weight and the boundaries of being the best in the business and on the block. After dropping the full length CD, "DO OR DIE" (KJ Records/KUUNTAAR MUSIC), N X I C O N ran into legal and professional problems that are now put behind him. Smarter, stronger, all the more wiser and fully independent, N X I C O N has been back in the lab concocting his next collection of ghetto stories for the masses. Still the Criminal Life Of Amerikka'z Knightmare, N X I C O N has re-invented himself and taken up residency in the wonderful city of Atlanta, Georgia. Set to take the world by storm once again, N X I C O N is turning heads again to the swagger and manner that shook the frame of his hometown in the north. N X I C O N made a name for himself in the neighboring cities. Financing his own first single, DO OR DIE b/w NEVER GO ASTRAY (KUUNTAAR MUSIC), The CD 'DO OR DIE' (KJ RECORDS) was then set loose on the world! Now, N X I C O N has dropped his old label and his management team and has teamed up with KUUNTAAR MUSIC MANAGEMENT & PRODUCTIONS to take you to the next level of the game. Still compared to the icons of the West Coast, N X I C O N is here to illuminate the mindstates of those that are here for the love of the music and to take a journey on a road they seldom travel. Are you ready? Then ladies and gentlemen without further adieu, N X I C O N!