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Keith, David, Jason

username: Lastinline
Edmonton, na

Primary Instrument

Electric Guitar for 20 years

Secondary Instrument

Violin for 10 years

Additional Instrument

Piano for 18 years


Rock , Blues , Film Score

Teach Me To Cry08/30/09 12:08 am
Instrumental at the end of the album.

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If you get your other band members to join a band that you start, I can put your band page on the homepage. Create a band, then create a song, then upload tracks into that song, and invite your other members to join the band when they register.

Posted Mon Sep 7, 2009 10:40pm by powerinthelines

Well it turns out this song, "Teach Me To Cry" was supposed to be for Jason's project "Nameinuse" Anyways we're all together.

Posted Sun Aug 30, 2009 11:27pm by Lastinline

We've been blogging about recording our album. We went from computerized percussion to real drums. What a difference! Anyways the song we posted above is a different style. Enjoy!

Posted Sun Aug 30, 2009 12:46am by Lastinline

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We're playing contemporary Canadian music with a Maritime flavor. Our taste in music comes from the atmosphere you'd likely hear in cafes and small pubs. We're trying to avoid the loud feedback and going for a laid back and fun atmosphere.


Our influence comes from local bands in Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island and also a kick of the western guitar thing.