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katie Love Hue

username: yankees07
age: 31
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North Brunswick, NJ

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Everything means nothing 12/25/09 12:12 am
A Song I wrote for Josh Dean

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Well to start of I am am a kid at heart. I love music allot. As u can tell. I started writing music when I was 18 years old. My first gig was with Josh Dean he sang my song called everything means nothing Yes I wrote that song and I also wrote 2 other songs for this very talented rapper and the first song that I wrote is country and the 2 others that a talented rapper named C-Styles which You can find him on my space.I also rap to and would like to make my first album. I am an unsigned artist on my space u can find me by this name "Katie Love Hue" myemail is so please dont hesitate to contact me if you want to collaborate with me thank u.




pen and a paper and music