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Mike Sanders

username: Portland Keyboards
Hillsboro, OR

Primary Instrument

Keyboards for 99 years

Secondary Instrument

Piano for 99 years

Additional Instrument

Synth for 99 years


Rock , Experimental , Jazz

I'm Sorry- Drums06/10/11 2:06 am
I'm Sorry06/10/11 2:06 am
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I'm Sorry- organ06/10/11 2:06 am
I'm Sorry- piano06/10/11 2:06 am
I'm Sorry- piano206/10/11 2:06 am
I'm Sorry- sax06/10/11 3:06 am

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I'd like to replace the "canned" drums wih the real thing. I'd like to add guitars... vocal development.

Posted Fri Jun 10, 2011 3:42am by Portland Keyboards

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Korg Tritons; Extreme, LE. Kawia K4. Sonar 7 DAW